Woman Trouble
Season 02, Episode 03
Air Date September 30, 1994
Previous A Very Fatal Funeral
Next The Busy Body

Woman Trouble is the third episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on September 30, 1994.

Plot Edit

After a public confrontation, Robert Stanton's wife and mistress conspire to kill him and dispose of his body. When Robert fails to show for a medical appointment, Mark convinces Steve to investigate their complicated relationship.

Summary Edit

Dr. Mark Sloane gets suspicious when his patient Robert Stanton, a businessman, doesn't show up for an urgent X-ray follow-up examination to determine if he actually has TBC, after witnessing how unfaithful Robert was affronted on a party by his mistress Marilyn Kramer, a fashion model, and wife Irene Stanton, whose capital is vital for his firm's Japanese deal negotiation. Indeed the two women have conspired to kill him and hide the body. So he sends Jack and Amanda snooping in the fashion scene. Meanwhile Steve has fallen head over heals, undercover, for a socialite and begs everyone for loans for treats he can't afford and Jack and Amanda for slick dating tips.