Witness to Murder
Season 03, Episode 02
Air Date December 15, 1995
Previous An Innocent Murder
Next All-American Murder

Witness to Murder is the second episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on December 15, 1995.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan takes in an abandoned young girl found at the scene of a murder, while Steve and Jesse go about tracking down the killer.

Summary Edit

A forest ranger finds little Blair at night in a home-trailer on protected, rarely patrolled land, holding the gun that killed her father Daryl Worrell. She's in traumatic shock, probably abused, but was she just witness or killer? Mark takes her home to spoil her and win her confidence in safety. When Jesse and Amanda check out the Worrell home-trailer, a dashing-off car nearly runs them over, licensed to Daryl's regular visitor McPherson. X-rays confirm Blair was abused and a confidence-building one of teddy reveals he holds the key to a storage place, full of equipment for falsifying credit cards, staked-out by Steve's team, McPherson gets killed resisting arrest. Blair draws a childish picture of the killer with three stars, a battered Jane Doe may be her mother. Norman identifies on robot-portrait the same young man who nearly ran over equally well details-memorizing Jesse has repeatedly been snooping in Community General, his 'landlord' knows him as Ben.