The Merry Widow Murder
Season 04, Episode 24
Air Date May 1, 1997
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The Merry Widow Murder is the twenty fourth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on May 1, 1997.

Plot Edit

A wealthy woman and her boyfriend dupe Mark and plot to murder her husband.

Summary Edit

Claire Whitfield makes sure Mark notices the bruise on her cheek, supposedly from her wealthy, hot-tempered husband Elliott, whose alleged sleep-apnea symptoms she supposedly reports to the doctor, actually it's deliberately given by her studly lover Max Halleck, even stages Elliot to shake her at a party and gets her lover to 'snore' heavily enough on a 'bedroom tape' before murdering Elliot, staging fatal apnea. Mark, who worries age is physically catching up with himself, notices deep scratches on Elliot's hand, which don't fit with her bruises, and finds milky residue in broken glass, enough to recommend an autopsy; Amanda finds traces of the prescription sedative Deterol on the broken glass, but the body is already cremated. Elliot's secretary Dorothy tells she knows from business trips he didn't snore, but refuses to testify. Mark tries about every trick in the trade to outsmart the merry murdering widow. Now the murderers show Steve pictures and tapes which Max, supposedly hired by Elliot, cleverly made and edited to suggest an affair between Mark and Claire, so as to discredit his snooping, but mess with the wrong guy, while Elliot actually had hired another detective who photographed Max. The Sloans set a trap...