The Bela Lugosi Blues
Season 02, Episode 13
Air Date January 6, 1995
Previous Standing Eight Count
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The Bela Lugosi Blues is the thirteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on January 6, 1995.

Plot Edit

Jack is honored as one of L.A.'s most eligible bachelors, but the honorees are being killed one after the other with vampire-like symptoms. Mark must solve the string of murders before Jack becomes the next victim.

Summary Edit

Dr. Jack Stewart has been forced by Norman's duty roster blackmail to 'represent the field of medicine' - to the hospital female staff''s amusement - on Empire magazine's shortlist of L.A.'s Most Eligible Bachelors, ranked by editor Moriah Thomas, to be presented to the press at the publisher's mansion. After band lead singer Vic Danton, another one of the bachelor finalists is murdered by having all of his blood drained from his body. This makes the second murder carried out in this fashion and both bodies have a pair of punctures on their necks, Mark fears she may believe to be and kill like a vampire, so he's most worried when Jack happily accepts to have dinner with her and hopes to be her dessert.