Shanda's Song
Season 01, Episode 08
Shanda's Song
Air Date 7 January 1994
Previous Vanishing Act: Part Two
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Shanda's Song is the 8th episode of the first season of Diagnosis Murder.

Summary Edit

Rock vamp with prima donna-complex Shanda faints on stage when she receives a cut-up picture of herself in a box of roses. Her manager brings her, almost identically looking back-up singer Claire and drummer Cinnamon to Community General for a check-up, but no harm is found.

Shanda tells Dr. Mark Sloan she has a stalker since months, the police can't do anything without any physical threat; a truck tries to run them over the next minute, her fan Dr. Jack Stewart finds no actual fractures. Steve is incredulous, given Shanda's publicity stunt record, but Mark takes her in his home; Steve goes in her hospital bed, where 'nurse' Dolores practices her torturous injection technique on the healthy hunk's behind. Mark concentrates on the dynamics of the musical staff, Jack regrets sorely taking Amanda along looking into roadie Parick, who gets murdered...