Naked Babes
Season 02, Episode 20
Air Date March 31, 1995
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Naked Babes is the twentyth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on March 31, 1995.

Plot Edit

When Amanda's friend Angela is kidnapped immediately after giving birth to quadruplets, Amanda feigns pregnancy and goes undercover at an adoption agency to locate Angela.

Jack and Dr. Sloan try to care for the babies.

Summary Edit

Amanda surprised the gang plus Norman by hosting a dinner party, when her high-pregnant friend Angela Pearson arrives and gives birth to healthy quadruplets - two boys and two girls, while insisting (apparently deliriously) not to let the babies be stolen. This apparently has something to do with her friend Carol at Shady Glen, a well-reputed home Amanda recommended herself. The hospital colleagues are literally left holding the babies, a task soon ceasing to be cute. Angela goes missing next morning, so the quadruplets, claimed as publicity boon for Comunity General by Norman, stay at Mark's beach-house to avoid social services placing them in impersonal protective custody as abandoned. Jack, who gets stuck with them the most, hires student Ty Bradford as part-time nanny (despite being a man and the common prejudice against male nannies, Ty's skills are actually superior and he is admirably organized). Meanwhile Amanda checks in at Shady Glen, pretending to be a mother-to-be willing to have her baby adopted, and Mark and Steve play their own part snooping. They recognize suspended medical fraudster Dr. Henry Wexler, who is in league with nursing staff there, who are willing to kill for babies to sell or to protect that illegal secret.