Murder on Thin Ice
Season 04, Episode 03
Air Date October 3, 1996
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Murder on Thin Ice is the third episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 3, 1996.

Plot Edit

A figure skater's ex-coach attacks a rival skater and then is found dead, murdered with her skates. Dr. Sloan, however, doesn't think it's that simple and sets out to prove her innocent.

Summary Edit

Figure skating athlete Julie Miller is able to avoid serious injuries when she is attacked with a knife by a masked man, whom Steve, who's accompanying avid fan Amanda, manages to catch and arrest. It's Sean Farlow, the former manager of competitor Debbie Monroe; their duel is delayed, at least pending full recovery. Amanda notices that Julie uses apparently unnecessary crutches. Once on bail, accomplice Sean looks Julie up, increasing his demand to $1,000,000 from her future endorsement earnings, to which Julie panics, kills him with a skate and frames Debbie, who has no alibi. Mark believes Debbie and starts looking closer, and soon realizes Julie has a long-term medical problem and finds inconspicuous anomalies.