Murder in the Courthouse
Season 03, Episode 04
Air Date December 29, 1995
Previous All-American Murder
Next Murder on the Run (Part 1)

Murder in the Courthouse is the fourth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on December 29, 1995.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan suspects a cunning D.A. in the murder of an acquitted defendant.

Summary Edit

While Mark is on jury duty -slacking according to Norman, as doctors can excuse themselves-, defending reasonable doubt in the murder case against mobster Yuri Andropovich after crucial evidence was declared inadmissible, which causes his third acquittal, D.A. Patricia Purcell smuggles a bomb into the courthouse's subterranean parking via vacant judge's chambers past bailiff Billy Randolph and hides it in a car, staging a break-in; the explosion kills Yuri as he leaves. Steve looks for the bomb-builder in Koreatown; although forbidden to, Jessie takes Amanda there. Old Qwan Lok's crook hand can't do such work, his grandson Eddy Lok, who runs their grocery store and has a record, talks cocky but denies any part. Mark questions Purcell's procedure faults and unusual non-tenacity while sleuthing the bombing with eager Jessie, ties the threads and sets a trap.