Murder at the Telethon
Season 01, Episode 03
Murder at the Telethon
Air Date Friday November 12, 1993
Previous Amnesia
Next Inheritance of Death

Murder at the Telethon is the third episode of the first series of Diagnosis Murder which aired on Friday November 12th, 1993.

Summary Edit

Since the hospital board decided that the ER is to shut down unless $100,000 is raised, Norman decides to mount a telethon guaranteeing the full sum, soon leaves a while for a seminar and meanwhile puts Mark in charge, who is relieved Jack kind of enjoys being the stage manager.

Main star Buddy Blake, a faded TV comedy legend, comes with his son Michael Blake, who gave up medical studies (with Mark) to be his assistant and is final true with the ingrate's abuse, even in public.

While Mark is presenting the show, Buddy stumbles on scene with a fatal knife his back; to the Sloans' horror Michael is arrested as prime suspect, bloody hands and last person seen in dad's dressing room. While Steve nearly dies as MC with stage-freight during the sleepless 24 hours show, Mark and Jack are determined to find the real killer, plausibly Buddy's wife Marcy, who would have divorced him earlier but couldn't part with his money yet, so Jack tails her to a hotel, without neglecting three colleagues on the telethon, all with mortal grudges...

Full storyline Edit

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