Murder Murder
Season 03, Episode 11
Air Date February 23, 1996
Previous Living on the Streets Can Be Murder
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Murder Murder is the eleventh episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on February 23, 1996.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan tries to solve a friend's murder while Steve investigates the deceased's ex-wife and her identical twin sister.

Summary Edit

At a party where he gave his younger wife Jennifer a black Viper sports car, Bill Stratton is called away to the office; someone else is there, waiting with to kill him. At Bill's cremation, Steve remarks that street thug Stan Macky, who had 'moved up' to sweat-shops with illegal immigrants, is there along with Lenore, the angrily estranged daughter from Bill's first marriage. Shady Alan Helms, in debt and a nasty divorce, said he was only one of many business friends who were cut off by Bill after his marriage to Jennifer, who claims Helms recently came ask for another loan. Norman asks for Mark's piano-accompaniment to rehearse for the modern major-general's part in a community theater production of The Pirates of Penzance, but shows neither talent nor memory anywhere near the Gilbert and Sullivan requirements and no patience at all. Widow Jennifer recently bought a gun which she 'now notices is gone' and says Stan was a client of Bill; she inherits everything, Lenore nothing, due to a will change only a month ago. Jennifer's alibi is her identical twin sister Joan, but Chinese delivery man Al Cho saw the Viper, either could have killed Bill. Jennifer's fingerprints are on both dumped murder gun and last will. Steve and Jesse find Jennifer's corpse in the fatally Viper-fumed closed garage with a hand-written suicide note and confession. The autopsy doesn't fit, but the list of suspects with motive and opportunity shortens fast, except for Jennifer's heir, or maybe not quite as it appears...