Murder Most Vial
Season 02, Episode 06
Air Date October 21, 1994
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Murder Most Vial is the sixth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on October 21, 1994.

Plot Edit

Executive William Bissell is murdered through an overdose while in therapy at the hospital. Bissell had several suspects with motives, including his wife, his mistress, his heir apparent, and the surgeon whom he was suing for malpractice.

Summary Edit

Corporate multimillionaire William P. Bissell slaps Community General with a frightening lawsuit for malpractice for an operation on both knees which got him in a wheelchair because he ignored all doctor's orders, but Norman Briggs gets him to accept more treatment and reconsider if cured. An accident puts Mark in bed, but while taunting him 'on the other side' Bissel dies from an O.D. of his regular medicine, which must have been administered during visiting hours. Motives are obvious for Bill's CFO and heir apparent Thomas Taylor, whom he had just demoted to division head in Europe, and now succeeds as CEO, widow Emily Bissell, loving mistress Jenny Morley, and his sued orthopedic surgeon Karen Fielder, who has a hidden past. Meanwhile Steve is sleepy because he has started a night course in law, and Mark is determined to do something about the lousy monotonous hospital food even if it takes blackmailing Norman.