Murder, Country Style
Season 04, Episode 18
Air Date February 20, 1997
Previous Hard-Boiled Murder
Next Delusions of Murder

Murder, Country Style is the eighteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on February 20, 1997.

Plot Edit

When a musician is found murdered at a Country Music Awards ceremony, Dr. Sloan and company rush to find the culprit before the show ends and the crowd disappears.

Summary Edit

At the All-stars Country Awards in L.A., Mark is grateful singing patient Dusty's guest, with Amanda and true fan Jesse who meets awards and records producer Betty Manning's daughter, songwriter Laura Manning, Mark and Dusty find singer Mickey McShane murdered in his trailer, whacked on the head with a lamp. Betty has an alibi but female blond hair and air freshener filters indicate he was actually killed in Betty's trailer, the two were identical and the plates switches. Betty confesses after seeing Steve suspects secret fiancée Laura, who wrote McShane's hit songs and knew he systematically cheated, for one with a groupie who claims to be his true lover, but Mark disproves her story...

Cast Edit