Misdiagnosis Murder
Season 03, Episode 08
Air Date January 26, 1996
Previous Love is Murder
Next The Pressure of Murder

Misdiagnosis Murder is the eighth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on January 26, 1996.

Plot Edit

Jesse encounters a man in the parking garage who's in cardiac arrest. After he runs off for help, he returns to find a different man, and no one will believe Jesse's story. Meanwhile, Norman has to work with an attractive donor.

Summary Edit

Tycoon Gregory King is admitted to Community General by Mark's fellow army veteran Dr. Ed Quiller. Jessie, who is seriously overworked, sees goons besides a man in major cardiac arrest running away when he arrives, dashes for a crash-cart himself but when he returns he finds it's another patient than the man Quiller identifies as his patient King. Norman's top priority is Paige Tanner, the sexy young widow who must be convinced to continue her husband's generous annual donations or the hospital's budget is toast. She knows how to appreciate his accounting, being an investment manager herself, and while they enjoy good wine together she makes a proposal he may not be able to refuse. Jesse refuses to catch up with sleep until the mystery corpse is found, and realizes cardiac symptoms can be mimicked, with an asthma inhaler like he saw used by one of the goons, who threatens him to leave the patient alone. Jesse overhears them talking with Quiller and the patient about too much exposure and a delivery, so he follows them, sees the corpse in a car's trunk but is spotted and left knocked down with a concussion, the body once again vanishing into thin air. While Jesse, who thinks it's all a drug smuggling scam, is finally crashed out, Amanda finds and looses the corpse. Now another live King appears and Quiller explains, but Mark smells a rat, so when Jesse wakes up...