Miracle Cure
Season 01, Episode 01
Miracle Cure
Air Date Friday October 29, 1993
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Miracle Cure was the first episode of Series one therefore making it the first episode of the Diagnosis Murder.

This episode introduced all of the characters that make up this wonderful show.

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When a man says in confessional he knows Father Morrissey has 'sinned', the priest takes a gun from a hollowed Bible, drives his car over him but finds the envelop he looks for gone, stolen seconds earlier by a girl. Father Morrissey even fakes stomach pain to be admitted in the same L.A. hospital, Community General, so he can administer a fatal injection, surprised only by bag lady Alice, who was just admitted for amnesia, however possibly still somewhat treatable.

The physician in charge, Dr. Mark Sloan, smells a rat after Morrissey discharges himself and goes talk to Father Morrissey, coincidentally the parish priest of hospital administrator Norman Briggs. Sloane's son, LAPD Detective Steve Sloan, still only worries about his hair perhaps falling out, but the autopsy by Amanda Bentley allows her witnessing friend, senior resident Dr. Jack Stewart, to trace a dragon tattoo to the Cobras, a gang of convicts a cousin of his belongs to...

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