Mind Over Murder
Season 03, Episode 15
Air Date April 12, 1996
Previous The Murder Trade
Next Murder by the Book

Mind Over Murder is the fifteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on April 12, 1996.

Plot Edit

Jesse is attracted to a beautiful psychic, who also happens to be the prime suspect in a murder. Amanda copes with the trials of motherhood.

Summary Edit

Attractive Kristie Lofton wounds her head falling on a video recorder and tells Jesse in ER she had a psychic vision of the murder of investment broker Nick Holloway, who planned a take-over of her boss Craig Wohlman's TV infomercials program, Psychic Buddies. For a dinner Jesse promises her Steve will investigate, but Nick just left on a two weeks Yellowstone camping trip in good health and spirit. Kristie has another vision about another show guest and an umbrella, Mark who told Jesse she may be honest helps them find the site outside the studio; there she has a vision with his car number plate and camping equipment, a dumpster accidentally (?) nearly hits her. Steve finds she has a drugs and cons charges record in 16 states, yet no convictions. Norman is a gold card Buddies-member, but clearly has no real psychic gift. Mark finds the firm has various other shows and associated product lines, Wolhlman claims Nick was only offering the studio a loan he no longer needed, but staff believed in and feared a take-over by Holloway. Kristie tells Jesse her parents were the traveling minor league hustlers, and from another vision correctly predicts Holloway's car and corps in the booth are in Lake Hollywood. Steve treats her and two other Psychic Buddies (mediums) as suspects. Kristie tells Jesse a new vision about another real murder, fellow medium Sylvana Kent being run over by her own car, for which Kristie and Craig have an alibi studio recording time, the third Buddy is blind. Mark keeps snooping in the studio and realizes how the murderer operated... Meanwhile Amanda is a dragon-mother when her baby has a colic or such, blackmailing Jesse and Mark into babysitting for any help.