Love is Murder
Season 03, Episode 07
Air Date January 19, 1996
Previous Murder on the Run (Part 2)
Next Misdiagnosis Murder

Love is Murder is the seventh episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on January 19, 1996.

Plot Edit

While Norman tries to strong-arm Mark and Jessie into attending a fund raiser, Steve deals with his new girlfriend, who just might be responsible for a series of cop killings.

Summary Edit

Steve's new girl-friend, traveling reporter Lynn Conklin, shoots another lover, uniformed LAPD officer Tom Ames, trough the head, stages it as suicide but he was still wet after a shower. Mark suspects a connection with a similar recent cop suicide and undisguised cop killings in their own homes; indeed autopsies confirm three didn't fire the fatal guns, all had sex with a blond woman just before. Steve gets the case and similarities start piling up, such as her perfume or a bar they all attended. That all fits Lynn, who is already preparing to 'deal with' Steve, who realizes she fits the psycho - and forensic profiles too well, even her professional itinerary corresponds. She attacks Steve, who gets blinded, and her car explodes.