Left-Handed Murder
Season 03, Episode 18
Air Date May 3, 1996
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Left-Handed Murder is the eighteenth and last episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on May 3, 1996.

Plot Edit

[[|Mark Sloan|Dr. Sloan]] is the executor of his friend, Preston Michaels, estate after Michaels is found in the body of a shark. Things turn interesting after traces of poison are found in Michaels' body and three women, all apparently married to Michaels, attend the reading of the will.

Summary Edit

Just when Jesse takes a now unamused girlfriend sailing, the harbor master brings in a shark that swallowed an arm of rich stock broker Preston Michaels, presumably having fallen overboard, plausibly drunk; but the autopsy soon finds he was fatally poisoned with digitalis, which also killed the shark with a heart attack from the poisoned arm. Curious Mark condoles respectable widow Bea and learns from lawyer Raymond Bergman that he is named executor of the estate. Preston on a posthumous video admits he was a bigamist, having two younger wives in other states, fitness freak Heather (Florida), and Terri (Colorado) who was told he wanted a divorce. All of the wives deny knowing about the others but lack alibis, while Preston's personal assistant, Susan Stimpson, says she managed his triple life. Raymond Bergman calls Mark to tell him whom he suspects is the murderer but just then is killed by his pool. The firm's VP Evan Houston, now acting CEO, also was in the house and asks Mark for $50,000 of Preston's capital for firm expenses. Steve finds Simpson fully packed, with a one-way ticket for Bermuda and a fortune in cash, from blackmailing Preston. Mark keeps snooping.