In Defense of Murder
Season 04, Episode 13
Air Date December 12, 1996
Previous Murder in the Family
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In Defense of Murder is the thirteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on December 12, 1996.

Plot Edit

When a famous prostitute writes a tell-all book, an executive's job at Community General is in serious jeopardy.

Summary Edit

Mary Capshaw, once a prostitute, has drastically changed her life. She has become a nurse and is the chief fund-raiser for a children's health project. "Malibu Madam" contacts her; Kirsten Foxx has written a tell-all book, naming names-including Mary's AND her own lawyer, Darren Worthy. When Foxx's body is found, Mary is the prime suspect. Worthy offers to represent her, but his motive is nefarious: he can plant incriminating evidence in Mary's home and at the murder site. He blackmails the judge who could rule on his incompetent defense, who then commits suicide rather than face exposure. Mark and Steve suspect the lawyer, but how can he be conclusively incriminated? How do they find the stolen manuscript? Mark successfully uses a "bit" from Sherlock Holmes.