Guardian Angel
Season 01, Episode 14
Guardian Angel
Air Date April 1, 1994
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Guardian Angel is the fourteenth episode of the first Season which was first broadcast on April 1, 1994.

Summary Edit

Dr Sloan becomes involved in more than politics when he accepts an invitation to attend an election campaign party.

A face in the crowd of well-wishers awakens old memories for Mayor Ridgeway's wife, Lauren, with murderous results.

Plot Edit

When LA mayor George Ridgeway's wife Lauren recognizes Benjamin Strand in the audience at a fund raiser attended by Mark and Norman, she fakes a migraine that night to sneak out, makes an appointment with him and shoots her husband at close range. Benjamin Strand is arrested by Steve as suspect based on previous crackpot death threats he made to the mayor, and possession of a gun the killer's caliber. Mark notices Lauren's pretended migraine is fake, while she gets a real one when already on treatment.

When Jack and Amanda go look for tramp patient Lomax's bag, they find one with a small fortune in a dumpster in an alley behind the murder site, and traces of breaking in trough a broken window, close to the Ridgeway home. The mayor's anemic step-daughter Melissa Ridgeway is hospitalized, possibly anorexic, Lauren refuses that theory even being tested. Jack tails Lauren to Dr. John Harris's hotel room. Marc finds Lauren has a cut fitting the window break-in. Strand confesses, but suddenly Mark realizes the whole vile truth after studying Strand's police file...