Georgia on My Mind
Season 02, Episode 08
Air Date November 4, 1994
Previous You Can Call Me Johnson
Next The Last Laugh (Part 1)

Georgia on My Mind is the eighth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on November 4, 1994.

Plot Edit

Mark overhears a dying private investigator say, "Tell Georgia - Jerry Mathers". His secretary Georgia can't decipher the message, and she joins Steve and Jack to look for the murderous culprit in the Walter and Harry Ice Cream Company.

Summary Edit

P.I. Charlie Hawkins was shot and dies in Community General, his last words make little sense: tell Georgia 'Jerry Mathers'? Georgia is his secretary, whose female charms make Jack dump his long-awaited Hawaiian holiday to rival in helpfulness with Steve while they check out Charlie's last case. It was about an ice cream company called after the late founder Harry Litvaks' boys 'Walter and Harry', while the promotion is done by two actors under these co-heirs names. Envelopes of money point to the sons, or after re-examination to their third sibling, Samantha Litvak, but then she's poisoned with cyanide which is also an ice cream byproduct, and was also found in Charlie's corpse. It could have killed him before he was shot, also lethal, so there may well be two independent murderers. Meanwhile Norman has a prospective fiancée who must be reassured about his fertility. 

Trivia: Edit

  • Harry and Walter Ice Cream are loosely based on Ben and Jerry Ice Cream.