Season 03, Episode 17
Air Date April 26, 1996
Previous Murder by the Book
Next Left-Handed Murder

FMurder is the seventeenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on April 26, 1996.

Plot Edit

Mark investigates a perky morning television personalty for the murder of a Howard Stern-like radio host.

Summary Edit

While Mark is the cooking guest that week in her daily healthy housekeeping show, TV host Kitti Lynn Hastings uses a 26 minutes break for commercials and music to sabotage the wiring in in-your-face radio presenter Carl Burke's bathroom, so he electrocutes himself stepping out of his shower. Mark soon guesses she did it, but has a hard time figuring out how precisely and why exactly, as she had accepted to appear -as target- in his show. Meanwhile Jesse's rotation at plastic surgery makes him suggest to Norman to solve his midlife looks-depression under Jesse's scalpel, but the cutting-edge surgery he shows only gets the potential patient scared.