The Silent Partner
Diagnosis Murder Novels, Book 01
Silent Partner
Author Lee Goldberg
Publish Date Reissue edition (Sep 2003)
Publisher Signet Book
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Diagnosis Murder: The Silent Partner is the first of the Diagnosis Murder novels which act as TV tie in books for the series.

Synopsis Edit

When LAPD chief John Masters approaches Mark Sloan about serving on a committee to look into unsolved crimes, Mark is surprised. Sure, he has a great reputation for solving homicides, but it's something of an embarrassment to the department. Still, Mark is eager to look into these old cases and try to find someone who got away with murder. A chance file misplaced in the room takes Mark on a different direction, however. He's convenienced that one victim of a serial killer was murdered by a copycat who's still free. Striking out on his own, he begins to gather more evidence.

Meanwhile, Jack Stewart is back to perform a kidney transplant on one of Mark's patience, stirring up old feelings of betrayal in the tight nit group. Why exactly did Jack vanish with hardly a goodbye? And Jesse, who was finally beginning to feel free of Jack's shadow, is threatened by his return.

Full Plot Edit

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