Call Me Incontestable
Season 02, Episode 15
Air Date January 20, 1995
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Call Me Incontestable is the fifteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on January 20, 1995.

Plot Edit

When a good friend apparently commits suicide, Mark investigates a series of suicides associated with the Perfect Couple dating service. To aid in the investigation, Jack joins the dating service as an eligible bachelor.

Summary Edit

Mark is startled that his friend Alex Forman doesn't turn up for the dinner he promised Alex for passing his bar exam, then finds him, an apparent suicide by hanging. Steve would believe the suicide note, but Mark insists that he investigate why Alan joined the dating service Perfect Couple, especially when it turns out to have had more suicides among its members. So eminently eligible Dr. Jack Stewart joins, with a 'biography' written by Amanda and Dolores for the perfect man, which causes female members and staff to swarm and hound him. Indeed his beautiful first date Gloria Kinley, a terribly spoiled shrew, has dated three suicided men, and talks about 'fixing' them, while her ex Clete Kinley proves rather obsessive, and gives Jack a black eye. Relatives denying suicide may be a matter of life insurance terms. Gloria allows only Mark to 'guard' her and proves the more aggressive party. The Sloans set a trap and change their minds.