An Innocent Murder
Season 03, Episode 01
Air Date December 8, 1995
Previous My Baby is Out of this World
Next Witness to Murder

An Innocent Murder is the first episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on December 8, 1995.

Plot Edit

Ashley York murders her wealthy father and cleverly manipulates it to appear as though he killed himself.

Dr. Sloan picks away at holes in the story, which leads him directly to Ashley.

Summary Edit

Teenager Ashley York murders her sick father Arthur by fixing his Deprosine pills to an overdose. Mark doesn't believe it's suicide, there's no note, absolutely no fingerprints and he set the coffee machine timer for after his death; Jesse concurs his intake of other medicines makes no sense for a suicide. Amanda shows Jesse a postcard: his predecessor Jack Stewart has set up a fancy private practice after his residency in Community General. Then Ashley, who overheard the Sloans, 'finds' a note, but computer-printed, and as Mark soon proves posthumously, murder. Ashley's mother, Dr. Elaine York, intends to keep the purse strings of her $7,000,000 trust-fund till she turns 25. Jesse finds out via a financial friend that Elaine, as a doctor certainly capable of the murderous plan, paid Arthur $2,000,000 at their divorce and kept paying the expensive beach-house, while his entire estate goes to Ashly. While a heart-attack puts Elaine in the hospital, Mark and Jesse, who proves his good but wandering eye for detail while tailing her, focus on Ashley who leans on her school diving coach Caldwell and the disabled alarm, and even threatens Mark, who knows he now needs irrefutable evidence and sets a trap.

Trivia Edit

  • Jesse replaced Dr. Jack Stewart played by Scott Baio for the first two seasons who left to set up in family practice at the end of Season 2. Jesse remained as part of the main cast for the remainder of the show.