An Explosive Murder
Season 04, Episode 08
Air Date October 31, 1996
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An Explosive Murder is the eighth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 31, 1996.

Plot Edit

A young undercover detective investigates a militia-type organization to solve a terrorist bombing witnessed by Mark. She has to decide whether to risk blowing her cover and warn Dr. Sloan of an attempt on his life or finish her assignment.

Summary Edit

Just when Mark goes to post his tax return, a nearby milk truck explodes; luckily he has no serious injuries. Jesse keeps Mark under observation; he'll do none of the sleuthing this time, he'll just be a murder target because he saw the bomber running away. LAPD rookie detective Amy convinces Steve, after her umpteenth undercover small-fry bust, to get her a 'real' job, infiltrating a terrorist bombing gang, where things are even more traitorous then the cops suspect.