Season 01, Episode 02
Air Date Friday November 5, 1993
Previous Miracle Cure
Next Murder at the Telethon

Amnesia is the second episode of the first series of Diagnosis Murder which aired on Friday November 5, 1993.

Episode Summary Edit

Mark was eager take some vacation Steve wasn't holding his breath to go fishing together as promised since long, and has a hellish time alone- for a change when Norman made an awful fuzz about security for mob-threatened senate transport committee chairman Basset, who is getting an operation in Community General, but a woman in league with another assassin stages getting major amnesia including her identity after a provoked car hit he stops for, brings her in and stays.

When nurse Sue Marlowe recognizes 'Jane Doe', she gives the nurse a fatal push down a staircase and stages finding Sue's corps. Amanda was already suspicious, Mark finds the car hit probably was staged, while Jack is rather charmed. The Briggs-FBI security system proves cumbersome, but not for Jane's accomplice who smuggles in a detachable gun inside crutches; Mark notices he's not really limping but he gets away after passing the armed crutch. Mark looks into Jane Doe's identity and nurse Marlowe's suspicious fall, gets to the mob link but is recognized and captured, while Jack realizes Jane only kissed him to get his security badge...

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