A Model Murder
Season 04, Episode 06
Air Date October 17, 1996
Previous X Marks the Murder (Part 2)
Next Murder Can Be Murder

A Model Murder is the sixth episode of Diagnosis Murder's fourth season which was first broadcast on October 17, 1996.

Plot Edit

Dr. Sloan investigates a photographer, the overly protective mother of Jesse's friend's fiancée, in the murder of a private investigator.

Summary Edit

P.I. Ray Donovan is murdered at his desk by a disguised woman. Best man Jessie's frat buddy Rick 'Slick' Brooks, hung over after a killer bachelor party, got a mysterious phone call from Donovan asking him to come by - he 'doesn't want to scare the boy' - but Steve is there already. Rick can't identify the corpse, but Ray's cases include one concerning insurance and Rick's fiancée Wendy Windsor, the daughter of bossy showbiz photographer Catherine Windsor. The autopsy reveals tiny traces of film and Mercedes transmission fluid, both fitting Catherine, and Jessie finds out the same car type terminally hit at least one of Wendy's two previous fiancés, the other was also killed. However the sleuths find other suspicious traces linking to X-rays, which proves quite dangerous to investigate, even twice.