A Blast From the Past
Season 02, Episode 16
Air Date February 3, 1995
Previous Call Me Incontestable
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A Blast From the Past is the sixteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's second season which was first broadcast on February 3, 1995.

Plot Edit

Paroled murderer Eddie Gault takes a low-paying job at Community General to get close to Mark and plot his revenge against Steve for putting him in prison. Steve tries to stop Eddie and gets in trouble for harassing him without evidence.

Summary Edit

Steve gets a 'friendly' visit from Eddie Gault, a wife-killer he put away, who just finished his prison term, now on parole, and hints he's after vengeance on Steve and his family. So Steve moves back into his memories-riddled old room with dad, who is having a hard time with a new alarm system, making the Sloan home a regular 'false alarm' destination for the security firm. Smooth talker Eddie, a skilled electrician, takes an easy, low-paying job as an orderly at Community General, making a good first impression on everyone; even when told about his record, Norman can find no valid excuse to fire him. Gault taunts and provokes Steve into threatening him, and gets a restraining order served on him. Steve warns Eddie's fiancee, (met through a prison pen-pal service), but she's already been beaten into submission by Eddie and won't press charges. Gault proves he can get past the Sloans' alarm and the neighbour's Labrador Retriever; warning him off only gets Steve suspended for 30 days. Eddie beats his fiancee again, and then goes after Amanda to draw Steve out.