35 Millimeter Murder
Season 03, Episode 13
Air Date March 29, 1996
Previous Murder in the Dark
Next The Murder Trade

35 Millimeter Murder is the thirteenth episode of Diagnosis Murder's third season which was first broadcast on March 29, 1996.

Plot Edit

When a photo shop erroneously sends Dr. Sloan the wrong set of photographs, he becomes embroiled in the murder investigation of an escort girl. Meanwhile, Amanda's baby is about to come to term.

Summary Edit

Mark's fishing-trip photos have been mixed-up at the developer's with Vic Slovak's paparazzo pics. The photos include a crucial shot of a girl kidnapped via limo at gunpoint by a known ex-cop. Vic proves hard to shake, but he's both crafty and helpful, as his knowledge of digital-enhancement help Mark discover he whereabouts via her medical bracelet. They find her just in time to save her from assassination, which they trace to mobster Eddie Alcala, however Alcala is killed during his arrest. More digital-enhancement, and a secret file Steve pulled explain why. Meanwhile, Amanda's pregnancy hormones turn her into an exasperated harpy, but her husband, Colin...a US Navy still on his way, so the delivery falls into the hands of a flustered Jesse.